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Why do you hush and retreat so, why encase your heart?

- A Ghazal -

Why do you hush and retreat so, why encase your heart?

Assume this gift, adopt this love, and embrace your heart.


Such heartfelt sentiments you express, such distress too,

This duty and honour would have you misplace your heart.


Do not heed the nay sayers, expel their daunt distrust

There is no wall—no space between us, come face your heart.


What is this gulf they speak of, that glares only their way?

Division has no utterance on where you place your heart.


Why must any contrast cause you plaguing guilt and pain?

Our love would but honour you, shield from disgrace your heart.


Discern the hindrance, recognise that which inhibits,

Tribal screens and epithets seek to efface your heart.


What place for colour and creed when the soul meets its mate?

Could you truly want on this and not displace your heart?


Do not consent to careless murmurs and blind survey,

Let go these reservations, awake and chase your heart.


Subdue all obstacles and burdens—weaken your woes,

Allow this conquered soul to engage with grace your heart.


Grant assent to how you feel, what you hold to be true,

Give sanction to your darling, and peace shall pace your heart.

* * * * * *

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